Laws of Power for Women: Guard Your Reputation

I am a devotee of the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. Tragically I didn’t discover this book when I was in school. I figure things would have been a great deal extraordinary for me in the event that I had.

Despite the fact that I don’t pass by each law expressed in the book (on the grounds that a large portion of them could transform you into a misleading, foul kind of individual) some of them talk legitimately to ladies. Furthermore, in the event that we’re going to truly have a discussion about ladies’ strengthening, at that point this is a decent spot to begin.

I feel that young ladies beginning at 18 should peruse progressively about the laws of intensity. At any rate they ought to get them. Particularly those young ladies who will be entering this present reality or the corporate world eventually. In case you’re not in any event mindful of the strategic maneuvers that are going on surrounding you, you’re bound to succumb to them.

Also, hetero young ladies 18 and over are in “the snakepit.” Many are entirely defenseless against gathering the off-base men who just need to utilize and manhandle a guileless young lady.

Indeed, even ladies 40 and more seasoned can profit by learning the laws of intensity. Yet, until further notice in this arrangement I’m simply going to call attention to a couple of the laws that I think ladies about all ages should know ASAP. Some of it might appear glaringly evident, however a ton of ladies sure don’t act like they know!

Greene’s fifth law is “Such a great amount of Depends on Reputation – Guard it With Your Life.”

A Woman’s Reputation

Your notoriety for being a lady goes before you. Now and again it tails you as well. On the off chance that you keep running in at least one tight groups of friends you’ll encounter this law a ton.

For instance, some folks will just converse with a lady inside their group of friends since they’ve heard she’s simple. So while that young lady is thinking “yahoo he’s so into me” he’s truly plotting and making a deliberate wager that he’ll get sex before long dependent on what he is aware of her notoriety.

So on the off chance that you’ve at any point seen a young lady who has an awful notoriety or isn’t especially engaging who by one way or another gets the majority of the consideration from folks, don’t begrudge her. Pity her. It’s conceivable she may very well be an objective. That is a miserable and frail circumstance to be in.

The kind of men who will approach you generally depends both on your notoriety and how you present yourself as a lady. In the event that your notoriety is that of a certain, brilliant and good woman, the Jersey Shore douchey sort of fellow is likely going to remain far away.

What’s more, even with outsiders or individuals you’ve quite recently as of late met you are airing out your notoriety, regardless of whether you plan to or not. For example, how about we talk about laying down with a man on the first or second date.

Please women, we must be reasonable here. Men are not normally profound scholars with regards to ladies they don’t feel any exceptional association with you after only a couple of dates. If it’s not too much trouble quit watching lighthearted comedies that sell you that bit about “unexplainable adoration.” It’s false.

So in the event that you lay down with a person on the first or second date, don’t be astonished and hurt when he treats you like a prostitute or an untimely idea. In the event that you drink like a fish when you’re out at a bar don’t be astonished when somebody you met there treats you in like manner. It doesn’t make a difference how incredible you look or how great of a lady you think you are.

Likewise, remember that the spots where you invest most your energy and the organization you keep may influence your notoriety either emphatically or adversely.

The Female Reputation

So as a female, what are your top concerns with respect to notoriety?

You may have your very own sentiments yet I will begin with three major ones: sexual wantonness, terrible demeanor and lying.


Sexual wantonness is a noteworthy catch pushing issue. The ongoing Slutwalk battle is one case of that. In any case, while I am 100% down for ladies’ strengthening, I am mindful and practical about the contrasts among ladies and men.

For one, ladies are the collectors in the sex demonstration. Ladies are normally progressively vulnerable to various drawbacks with regards to overcompensating sex, for example, pregnancy and medical problems. So keeping away from indiscrimination isn’t just essential to your notoriety yet in addition to your general wellbeing and prosperity.

Likewise why as a lady would you need to copy the hoish conduct of a man? Ascend over the drivel. Raise yourself. Try not to lay down with everybody you meet as an approach to demonstrate you’re a player or “simply like a man.”


Your disposition as a lady is likewise a major piece of your notoriety. In certain spots, similar to the workplace, having a smidgen of a frame of mind may help keep you from getting treated like a doormat. Be that as it may, with regards to individual connections your mentality ought to be some place in the center – not very pleasant and not all that terrible.

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