Leveraging Social Media for Generating Leads: Is It Useful for Product Sourcing Companies?

As a supporter, web based life promoting is incredibly helpful and successful however just with a decent system, plan and execution. So should item sourcing offices, organizations, purchasers or exporters take part in the web based life network? how to manufacture a product

My answer – an authoritative YES. Be that as it may, how and to what degree?

Here are a couple of tips, rules and systems (classified by online life stages) that you can utilize.


LinkedIn is most likely a standout amongst the best decisions for item sourcing and acquisition pros. LinkedIn is a stage explicitly made for experts, specialists and industry pioneers to associate, share thoughts and bits of knowledge. It is likewise a phenomenal spot to discover your clients, particularly on the off chance that you are in the B2B business.

Ensure you join the gatherings. Join bunches that are both straightforwardly AND in a roundabout way identified with your industry obviously additionally those that intrigue you yet are nothing to do with the business. No one can tell who you may associate with that can help develop your business. I for one have joined a few in the fare, item sourcing, exchange and showcasing field. This is one I have specific loved (Strategic Sourcing and Procurement) as it gives a great deal of bits of knowledge and advices on sourcing.

Take an interest in exchanges and surveys. See what other individuals are stating and dissect surveys. Include your very own bits of knowledge and tune in to input. On the off chance that you are a statistical surveying or item study, calmly make a survey and get moment results.

Information exchange to cautions and pamphlets. LinkedIn enables you to join or buy in to news and alarms. Ensure you get those in your email at an every day or week after week premise to remain refreshed.


Twitter is simply astounding. I as of late made an individual record that drove me to make one for MPN Intertrade. The incredible thing about Twitter is that everything is progressively and in reality the majority of my day by day news originates from it. It is a wonderful apparatus for miniaturized scale blogging, which implies any websites, articles or news you have, you should “Tweet” it.

Here is the means by which you can use Twitter to pick up leads.

Utilize the Search work. The fundamental hunt work is amazingly helpful apparatus as it gives you a chance to spare heaps of time while hunting down any point or subject. It very well may be your image name, the industry you work in (for example send out, exchange, item sourcing) or even your opposition. The development seek capacity can additionally channel your quests by area. This enables you to screen what individuals are talking or “Tweeting” about you or your business.

Post and Share Engaging Content. In the event that you composed an article, joined a workshop or facilitated an occasion… Tweet it! Also, remember to utilize the #hastags with your catchphrases. It makes finding your substance simpler if individuals aren’t tailing you. Utilize the ReTweet work too on the off chance that you find fascinating substance by others. This tells your present and potential supporters that you are a specialist or industry pioneer and can be trusted.

Be responsive. Twitter clients frequently look for administrations or items. It is a botched chance on the off chance that you are giving it and regardless of whether you don’t have that specific item or administration, you can prompt and direct them to the privilege ones.Being supportive and making a system of adherents probably won’t bring you quick leads however it beyond any doubt can expand your odds. On the off chance that you basically endeavor to pitch yourself to potential leads, they will just unfollow you and think of you as a spammer.

Download Tweetdeck. An extraordinary application that can be downloaded to your work area or your iPhone/iPad that enables you to screen, oversee and connect with your adherents. The pursuit capacity can be incorporated into the work area, enabling you to screen and answer to discussions progressively. Hootsuite is another astounding advertising apparatus that enables you to plan refreshes, post your web based life messages over a few internet based life locales.


Facebook is surprising for making organization or item/administration pages, where buyers can collaborate with your image. For item sourcing organizations it might possibly be the best decision for web-based social networking promoting. It truly depends. In the event that you are a B2B efficient our own, odds are that Facebook won’t acquire you much deals or even leads.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have advancements, broad item contributions and in particular your clients are on Facebook, you should make a page. Simply ensure you recognize what it is really going after: mindfulness, deals, network commitment, and so forth.


One of the later social medias, Pinterest is rising exponentially quick. For item sourcing and trade organizations, this is a significant intriguing stage to investigate, however not without certain discussions.

This web based life enables clients to post pictures or ‘sticks’ of pretty much anything inside classes called “sheets”. So this can be an incredible spot to feature your items on the off chance that you are a maker who trades. In the event that you are administration arranged organization like us, at that point Pinterest is most likely not the best spot to be on.

Top worry for sending out/item sourcing organizations utilizing Pinterest

Are the item pictures being stuck yours? If not, does your organization have rights or understanding from the two customers and providers for posting them? Most makers or customers would not need their item pictures skimming around the web without earlier assent or notice.

Get an understanding from every one of them to post their items and it may very well do some incredible things for your promoting endeavors.

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