Miss Universe 1977 – Interesting Facts!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Latin America

Did you know-Six out of the twelve semi-finalists at the occasion were from Latin America – Trinidad and Tobago (Janelle Commissiong), Colombia (Aura Maria Mojica), Argentina (Maritza Jurado), Nicaragua (Beatriz Lacayo Obregon), Venezuela (Cristal Montañez) and the Dominican Republic (Blanca Aurora Sardiñas ) – the other six originated from Europe (Austria, Germany, Holland, Scotland, Spain) and North America (USA). Inquisitively Peru’s agent Isabel Frias Zavala had won the title of Miss Beaches of Latin America in Arica (Chile) in the mid-1970s. Be that as it may, notwithstanding the majority of this, Miss Peru Universe 1977 did not make the semi-finals in Santo Domingo. Therefore, over the span of the year, she contended at the 1977 Miss World, where was one of the 15 semi-finalists. Miss USA

Base camp

Did you know-During the 1977 Miss Universe, the Hotel Loew’s Dominicana filled in as the base camp and war room of the Miss Universe Organization.

Joaquin Balaguer

Did you know-The country’s President Joaquin Balaguer was a key figure behind the Dominican Republic’s offered to have the 1977 Miss Universe.

Exceptional Awards

Did you know-Miss South Korea amazed specialists with a unique honor: The Best National Costume. Uruguay’s Adriana Maria Umpierre set second in the Best National Costume. All through 1977 she additionally took an interest in Miss World.

Miss Universe 1977

Did you know-Trinidad Tobago’s Janelle Penny Commissiong won the worldwide title, in front of Austria’s Eva Maria Duringer, Farrah Fawcett’s carbon copy, and Scotland’s Sandra Bell. Trinidad and Tobago had never been to the finals. Judges and other exceptional visitors were snappy with their congrats for the new MU, including Joaquin Balaguer, the Dominican Republic’s Head of State. This triumph gave the Caribbean its first Miss Universe. Be that as it may, it was a twofold festival for TT: Miss Commissiong likewise won the Miss Photogenic title. Her partners observed her to be helpful and benevolent. She has turned into a symbol for the nation. Miss Austria, Eva Maria Duringer had been viewed as one of the three conceivable successors to Rina Messinger, MU 1976.

Pedro Morales Troncoso

Did you know-Due to his contacts with the Miss Universe Organization and numerous representatives, Pedro Morales Troncoso, Minister of Tourism, was the “most jealousy man in the Dominican Republic” in 1977. Amid the occasion, Mr Morales Troncoso gave the welcome to every one of the representatives.

Host Country

Did you know-English is the official language of Miss Universe. There are some fascinating tales about it. Enlivened by the host delegate Carmen Elena Figueroa, a bilingual speaker, at the 23rd MU in El Salvador in the mid-1970s, the Island delegated to an English educator as Miss Dominican Republic. Thus, Miss Dominican Republic, Blanca Aurora Sardiñas, did not require an interpreter for their meetings with the global judges, and left a mark on the world when turned into the primary Dominican to be named semi-finalist in Miss Universe. She was the main Latin semi-finalist that was a familiar speaker in English. Amid the occasion, seven judges did not communicate in Spanish.

National Theater

Did you know-The Teatro Nacional (National Theater), was the site of 25th Miss Universe. Challengers from 80 countries and conditions went to the occasion. For the last, numerous individuals purchased tickets by $100. Amid the occasion, there were a bunch of exceptional visitors: Carlos R. Goico Morales, Vicepresident of the Dominican Republic; Alejandro Orfila, Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS); Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, entertainer; and Guillermo Rosell, Minister of Tourism of Mexico.

South Africa

Did you know-South Africa – considered a criminal state by the UN from 1960 to 1991-sent an agent to Santo Domingo.

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